Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Starbucks Employees - Too Much Caffeine?

Starbucks recently updated their policy so that if you have a registered gift card, you can get all sort of "freebies" like free refills on brewed coffees. What they don't tell you is a) you have to have money on that registered card and b) you have to explain to the Starbucks employee running the cashier about the new program. EVERY single time, I have to explain to them, I'm getting a refill and I'm using the new "benefits" program and EVERY time they try to charge me. So frustrating!

Another Starbucks annoyance is that I like 2% milk in my coffee, but they don't have it on the bar - so I ask them to please add 2% when they pour the coffee and EVERY single time they tell me "the milk is on the bar". I then have to tell them they do not have 2%, only skim and whole (who still drinks whole milk today??) They then realize oh, yeah - he's right and they add the 2%. This happens in EVERY Starbucks I go into.

You'd think for $2 a cup of coffee, they'd have their act together. I guess I should just chalk it up to the employees being doped up on caffeine...