Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recycling Sucks

Okay, I get the whole idea of recycling - save the world, save the cheerleader, yada, yada. The problem I have is having to find a way to save all the recycled stuff. If we could put every plastic bottle into a little hole and it magically transported to the recycling facility, that'd be great, but since we're not smart enough to invent a transporter, I'm stuck with collecting them until I can justify taking them to the recycling place. In our house, we use fancy garbage cans - one for Diet Coke cans, one for plastic and one for cardboard. When the recycling bins fill up, the bags inside the container go out on our back porch. When the back porch fills up, I get the glorious job of taking them to be recycled (at the local garbage dump.) The process is SUCH a pain, and most of the time the stuff smells from being outside in the rain and heat. If only there was a better way to get rid of the stuff. Maybe I should just dig a big hole in the backyard and just pile it all there. No one would notice, would they?