Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Places I Don't Belong

As I wrap up my end-of-year vacation, I have time to run errands and do things with the fam, like go shopping. I'm glad to be able to get my "honey-do" list done, but I'm also realizing there are places that I just don't belong. Here's my short list:
  1. Home Depot: let's face it - I'm not a handy man. I don't mind working on things, I just don't have a clue what I'm doing, or what I need. As an example, it took me over 6 months to get a drawer fixed in our bathroom because I kept buying the wrong things. Beyond not knowing what to buy, when I walk into Home Depot, I have NO CLUE where the stuff is. Everytime I go into a Home Depot, I wander around looking for whatever it is I need until I find someone in an orange vest who can help me out.
  2. AutoZone: just like home repair, I'm clueless with cars, too. I walked into an AutoZone yesterday and wondered what I was doing in there. So many items that I had no clue about, and once again, I had to rely on one of the workers to help guide me toward what I'm looking for. I'm just thankful they don't make you show some sort of card that certifies you know what transmission fluid is before they let you in the store.
  3. American Girl Store: in case you have been in a cave for years, or have no exposure to little girls, American Girl is a company that makes small dolls that girls can dress up and provide accessories for. While the well-known American Girl store is in Chicago, we are fortunate to be near the store at Northpoint Mall, in Alpharetta. I typically sit at Starbucks while my girls go shop at American Girl, but yesterday I went in. It was a frenzie of girls, young and old, looking at all sorts of dolls and accessories, but what really made me realize I didn't belong was watching the boutique where the DOLLS GET THEIR HAIR DONE! That's right - the dolls, not the girls, get their hair done. I actually saw a grown woman arguing that her doll's hair was not straightened like show was promised. WTF? It was at this point that I realized, this store is not for me.

There are more places I could list (like any place that has people), but I'll spare you from the extended list. I'd love to know what places YOU think you don't belong. Feel free to comment...