Monday, June 16, 2008

P.S. 123!

I love my wife.

My birthday came and I enjoyed the time with my family, even though I was sick with Salmonella from tomatoes (another story all together). I got my Tron shirt and I was happy, but no Blu-Ray. Yes, after getting my big TV, I had to get a Blu-Ray player, but of course, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I figured at this point, I'll wait until my government stimulus check came."

Father's Day came today and I GOT MY BLU-RAY player - EVEN BETTER, I got a PS3!!!!! I had no idea how cool the PS3 was. I can show movies and music from my PC downstairs, I can play Blu-Ray DVDs and of course, I can play PS3 or PS1 games (but not PS2 games - odd). I am now officially the biggest geek on the block.

I love my wife for knowing that I wouldn't buy a PS3 and for buying me one. I love the way she listens to me (i.e. the Tron shirt), and I love the way she doesn't mind if I stay up late and play with my new toy. We're celebrating 15 yrs of marriage this week. I'm lucky to have such a cool gal. She's awesome!