Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun with Dave

Today was the annual Davelanta event. Davelanta is where Dave, from Blogography, arranges a place and time for all of the bloggers in the Atlanta area to meet, talk and to just have a good time together. Dave arrived early, so Beth and I had the chance to

Dave and Beth playing light sabers with their iphones. Click to go to my Picasa album at

Davelanta kicked off with meeting of a group of great people at Hard Rock Cafe. I figure Dave will be talking about the day on Blogography, so I'll take this time to list the top 5 things I learned from today's events:
1) Savage Pizza rocks. Although it's 30 min away from my house, I'll be back.
2) Art is really interesting, even if someone thinks a gray square with a blue square inside is worth putting up in an art gallery.

3) Wear ear plugs when you go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta - unless you want to leave being permanently deaf.

4) Bloggers are really cool people. I never would have thought that meeting strangers who read someone else's blog would have anything in common with me, but I was wrong. In fact, the blog you are reading may be from someone who lived in the house next door, went to the same school you went to, and even took the same class you did!

5) If you are going to blog, make sure you update it more than every 33 days or risk getting harrassed by other bloggers who blog daily. Yes, Lil' Dave, I'll update more often now.

Thanks, to Dave, for being a great blog matchmaker and for having another great Davelanta!