Sunday, July 20, 2008

OK...I'm Addicted

They say the first step to quitting an addiction is admitting you have one - so I'm taking the first step. I am addicted to my PlayStation 3. Okay, not just the PS3, but to a certain Army game, called "Battlefield: Bad Company". At first, I played it because it had a story line about 4 Army rejects fighting bad guys and using really cool guns, but THEN I found out it had an "online" version where you could play against OTHER PEOPLE. I played a few times and thought it was okay, but THEN I found out there was another version where you get points for eliminating the opponents (killing the bad guys) and as you get more points, you move up in the ranks. Okay, now it got fun. There's nothing I like more than trying to become #1, or to reach the top. It seems like 15 minutes of game play has gone by, but it's actually 2 hours. My free time is becoming more and more obsessed with playing so I can make my way higher in the ranks (eventually becoming a 4 star General.) As I type this, I'm thinking, "I should be playing..."
SO - I admit, I have an addiction. I'm looking for any kind words to help me learn how to wean myself off of this time consuming crack addiction known as the PS3.