Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm A Freebie King

I'll be the first to admit. I LOVE free stuff. It's a nice little hobby I've picked up over the past few months (years, decades...) and it's fun. I've found free magazines, free coffee and my favorite - free food.

TodayI found a link that shows that DQ recently did a post on their blog ( that they are introducing a new way to order. "You can mix and match nine menu items, choosing two for $3, three for $4 or four for $5. You have the freedom of choice with more than 20,000 combinations." Now, I love having the ability to make my own combination, but on their blog, they say if I tell them what I would do to convince them to give me free food - they just might do it. Now, that's a good deal. So, this post is a feeble attempt to not only inform you of DQ's new Sweet Deals menu, but a lowly plead for DQ to give me some free food.