Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Longest Distance Traveled?

This past week I attended my first TequilaCon and I was amazed at the amount of people who attended.  I'm not into the blog crowd as much as many of the attendees were, so I didn't know most of the people, but it was pretty cool to see so many different bloggers.  I was also amazed at the work the TequilaCon crew put into the event. There was a lot of cool swag and it was apparent they put a lot of effort into the event.

I also want to thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Down With Pants for ordering Tequila shots for everyone!  Seen in the picture on the right, it seems like Brandon could pound down some Tequila.  (Now if we can only get Brandon to beat Copasetic Beth in Words with Friends.)  Also thanks to Brandon and Jen for the save...
There was some discussion / debate on who traveled the furthest to get to TequilaCon.  While I would love to claim that title, I have to admit I was already in Vancouver for business.  So the winner would have to be my beautiful blushing bride, Beth, who flew in to Vancouver the Thursday prior.  I'm lucky she was able to actually come into the country since she was stopped at Customs and questioned about why she was in Vancouver.  I'll leave you to read all about that on Copasetic Beth's blog.

According to Google, she would have traveled 2,836 miles by car, but by plane it looks like roughly 2,249 miles is the distance travelled.  Of course, since she flew to Salt Lake City, Utah then to Vancouver may help confirm her winning distance.

Overall, the trip to Vancouver was great, we met some really nice people.  A special shout out to Sizzle, Brandon and his wife, Laura, Dave, Vahid, Jenny, and Dustin for going out of their way and making me feel welcome.